Become a Corporate Sponsor

Your business has the opportunity to build relationships, increase employee engagements, and help your community by becoming a business sponsor.  ACS is proud to provide a number of ways for your business to support the community, and will work to provide the recognition you deserve for your generosity.

Employee Giving Campaigns

Build better relationships with your employees and improve employee engagement by providing them with the opportunity to do something special and make a lasting impact in the community.  What kind of giving campaign you implement is completely up to you, however our staff will be happy to provide tips and suggestions.  You’ll also have the option of deciding exactly how your gift will impact the community.

Employer Supported Volunteering

Many people wish they could volunteer for a worthy cause, but simply can’t find the time. By supporting them with a flexible environment that fosters volunteerism, you can improve employee moral, boost employee engagement, and be proud that you are strengthening your community profile.

Sponsor an Event

ACS hosts numerous public events every year, and each of them provide unique opportunities for your business to connect with the public.  Events with sponsorship opportunities are as follows:

  • SOUPer Wednesday
  • Volunteer Appreciation Dinner
  • Spring Wine ‘n Hop
  • Family Fun Day & Backpack Giveaway
  • Fall Wine ‘n Hop

For information on any of these events, and the sponsorship opportunities available, please contact us.

Sponsor a Program

Your business can be directly involved in giving back to the community.  By sponsoring a program, either by monetary donation or services provided, you can give directly to a cause that matters to you.  Programs with sponsorship opportunities are as follows:

  • Fill-a-Backpack Campaign
  • Stuff-a-Stocking for Seniors

Implement a 3rd Party Fundraiser

Provide support your way! Host a BBQ, bake sale or car wash, organize a golf tournament, offer casual Fridays to employees, or do something completely original and unique to your business.  Any 3rd party fundraisers will have the option of receiving support from ACS staff for organizing and marketing the fundraiser.  You have the freedom to choose a fundraiser that works best for your business, and the opportunity to build lasting relationships with the community.