Leave a Legacy

Registered Charity Number: 11915 2692 RR0001

Leave your Legacy

By providing local solutions to local issues, Amherstburg Community Services has been able to make a difference in the lives of thousands of people living in Amherstburg, LaSalle, Harrow and McGregor. We work hard to provide a better home for us and our children by making valuable services available for when we’re at our most vulnerable. We ask that you consider supporting these initiatives by leaving a charitable gift in your Will – You can Leave a lasting Legacy in your community.

There are a number of ways you can leave your legacy, and it is important that you consult your legal advisors, financial planners and family members to determine which method of giving works best for you.

Ways to Leave a Legacy

  • Bequests: Bequests are often considered the easiest and most popular way of leaving a Legacy in your Will. Sample bequest clauses can be found here.
  • Life Insurance: If you have a life insurance policy, ACS can be named its beneficiary, or you can transfer new or existing policies.  We strongly encourage you to consult your insurance specialist before making any policy changes.
  • Registered Plans (RRSPs and RRIFs): By naming ACS as the beneficiary of your RRSP or RRIF, you can ensure that your savings are used to their maximum potential: in many cases, RRSPs and RRIFs can create large tax liabilities in the year of death.  By donating the entire remaining amount, or a percentage of your RRSPs or RRIFs, you can bypass taxes and fees, while your assets are used to support your community well into the future.
  • Charitable Annuities:  Annuities are a great way of contributing to ACS while also receiving some benefits that you get to enjoy yourself.  You can implement a contractual arrangement with a commercial annuity provider that provides a tax-preferred income for life or a specified number of years.  Charitable gift annuities are similar to a typical commercial annuity, however they provide the added benefits due to a charity’s tax-free status.
  • Charitable Trusts:  If you would like to make a substantial gift now, or would like to receive the tax benefits of your gifts now, without experiencing any change in your standard of living, you may wish to consider a charitable trust.  These allow you to transfer assets to ACS at a specified time without you needing to give it away immediately.  These can fall under two categories: Charitable Remainder Trusts and Gifts of Residual Interest.

Please note that the above is not intended as legal advice, and ACS recommends that you consult your legal advisors, financial planners and family members before incorporating a gift into your Will.

Registered Charity Number

11915 2692 RR0001


If you would like more options about Legacy options, you may contact Austin Tyrrell, ACS Community Awareness/Fundraising Coordinator | 519-736-5471 | austin.tyrrell@amherstburg-cs.com