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Amherstburg Community Services currently offers over 20 services to the communities of Amherstburg, LaSalle, Harrow and McGregor.  We strive to help people of all ages be the best they can be by offering solutions to a variety of issues.

At ACS, we are always looking for ways to improve the programs we provide.  Some of these are subsidised by the Erie-St. Clair LIHN which ensures their sustainability and quality.  Furthermore, we are always looking for partnerships with other organizations who can help us see out our mission.  By working together with other individuals and agencies, we are able to provide reliable, accessible programs that support a wide variety of needs.

To find information about how we can help you, click one of the following links. In addition, we are always happy to help you find support offered by other agencies. Give us a call for further assistance.


CareLink Transit

St. Clair College Student Shuttle

Meals on Wheels

Senior Inclusion and Security Services

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