The Concours Mold Challenge

Amount Raised to Date: $18,279

One local business has stepped up and given our campaign to purchase a new accessible vehicle a kick-start.

Concours Mold Inc., a local company founded by Amherstburg’s Goggin family, has offered up a challenge to our community.  With a commitment of $25,000 towards the $75,000 needed to purchase a new accessible vehicle, Concours Mold Inc. is asking businesses and individuals to come together to raise the remaining $50,000.

“We have such a generous community here in Amherstburg, but these are the kinds of challenges we need to stand up to face together,” Deputy Chief Financial Officer at Concours Mold Inc., Kenny Goggin said. “That’s why we’re issuing a challenge to others to come together in any way they can afford and help ACS reach their goal.”

Now it comes down to you.  If you’re reading this, we hope that you already have an interest in making a difference.  If every household in Amherstburg donated just $5, we would surpass our goal.  Your donation can make all the difference, and so can your voice.  So please, consider making a donation today by clicking the button below.  After you make your donation, share your decision to donate by using #Concours2018 on social media.

If you’re an owner of a business or a leader in our community, you can use your influence to make a difference.  Host a fundraiser at your business, become a corporate sponsor or simply use your voice to encourage others to give.  We need your help, and so do the individuals who rely on our services to maintain their independence.